I am





moon tree open space freedom lover

a child of illusion

looking for a tribe to insert my bio

or maybe it’s already inserted

scribed on the intertube walls

space in virtuality

intertwined with yours

temporary pixel art…

a wanderer


where is the balance blunderer

aware get up stop whining jump back better this time lion

dragon lost armour moulted shadow of a warrior

aim to practice daily yogi meditator

spiritual tip toe deep dive wanna be an innovator

music/soul/you tell me how to move dancer

nutrients as medicine believer

up and down nomadic hippy gypsy cossack hipster

intense almost thirty saturn returner

cosmopolitan intuitive flow treasure finder

word/thought/purpose/hope connector

heart beating feel it awake awakening awakener

change always changing all the same

in my heart is love

with it i thank

with you i’m




One response to “I am

  1. Laurence Beal

    Sister Alchemist, I read my thoughts and questing in your words. The phases of Self-manifestation which seem to cycle through my worlds of imagination and plays with people, are endlessly spiraling in such self-same frames of reference, and yet with all the others, plant people and animal people. The rejection of the banal and the profane preceeds the opening of soul-spirit eyes. Thank you for yor beautiful and inspiring reflections.

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