Revolution of the Public Service Needed

The current structure of the public service makes it incredibly ineffective to run. Two key problems include too much management, and labour unions that protect redundant workers. The public service is too slow. It’s norms way too old school. It is simply not dependable to lead the differences we need to see in the world

(in fact, it doesn’t even think it should lead, it looks to politicians (Of Course Minister) for that…public servants forget that ACTION needs leaders, and it’s the public service that should be depended on for action since that is its job….instead public servants do what their supervisors and deputy ministers tell them to do, cogs in an expensive corporate machine chug chug chugging along choking on its own exhaust of paper and meetings meetings meetings.)

The structure of decision making and implementation currently stalled at politicians and the pubic service should be totally replaced by citizens, through an online government.


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