tonight i speak soak spill words here where:

an almost winking stained glass jesus
fat cigar intercepting his two peace out fingers
exhales brain waves high low up and ebbing
flows enmeshed with some critically trained smarty hipster crew
(which we were/are…submerged now emerge, light from the lattice attained…).
sip your choice of coffee home-made chai beer.  bagels cream cheese mmm amongst the food on the menu (vegan raw storyline gap / opportunity oh yeah)
door open to both sun and moon shine thoughts, to round the perfect array of shadows
wifi decent, tho floppy on occasion (damn star down–save on cloud often)
two dudes converse about government planners ha
(faint temptation to inject tho in reality i don’t cuz i’m basking in their cupcake visions of idealism, real icing belief they have, pass me some sugar i’ll give you some bitter green)
a group ping pongs spectrum analyses of degrees to which their friend is Chinese (any answer, same respect)
another downstairs plays a strategy game, pretending, but by the shouts ya wouldn’t know it (playing and pretending grey line we live in)
oh yeah and beats bounce good, fits the crowd.
chill place.
rating 8/10

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