the princess falls into the mirror and

somewhere thru the blurry wordy magnetic stretch of possibility

sees him there

and he sees her.

they talk sans words

they hear no sound.

(once a upon a time in fairy tale land, and how true that is really depends on your fae-dar and how much you want to race around your bare tigress tail)

heavy lattice soul shard flew thru a comet

tiny magic bore into soul of an indigo princess in waiting

trajectory from one deep red root in land of bigoteering slaughterers

hotness fighters on horses white freedom ideals

drew dew drop tears both red and clear

then, as cycles go, sad and guilt-ridden karma befell

(tho oh no say her [ant’s sisters] don’t talk about the dark shit except in songs and fairytales…and not of the roots either cuz those might be pagan cures)

cheered willow palms to donkey feet of iron fisted red idealists

and as irony has it thru the slam damn move around jam

their crew and lot became sighniks.

So, when she met the jedi prince from another land she did what comes naturally:

sighed.  Dragon deep breath in deep roar out cried.

A whynik from a different land he was

bronzed soul scape glittery shone

so imagine the story of sighs and whys…

whys responded with sighs and sighs with whys

round and round in sunglass cycles of me and you.

Absolve this, king!  Peace–it’s in your power beyond words of her apology.


Who is the king.



Further the princess falls

drops into dream where more will be revealed.  Join her there if you can’t help it and Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ .


One response to “the princess falls into the mirror and

  1. Who is the king, indeed!? 😉

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