Along the way to freeing the princess my enemy got sewered and the king says I am to blame. What happened??

Words won’t give you the answer but here i go anyways
(addicted to them as i am
the dramatic stories they create
tribe’s circus drama that we are
another shot at some sort of answer
why not
this new moon brings good time for communication.)

key to outline.

So, for example say the context is such:

Once upon a time a jedi king wanted love in truth. Serendipitously (or not, the way these things go) he met
a freedom princess from another land who sought truth in love.
Two polar magnets slammed
‘sustainability’ both piqued their passions
so they texted each other back and forth and fell in love
puzzled together on how to make that lovely magic gently flowing into space
both a bit controlling one a lot no i won’t let you go home
together let go
tripped into quick sand cuz they couldn’t agree on the answer to this puzzle
slammed into reality world where blue marks broken items car chases lead to consequences…princess shared this truth with aims of survival, and according to the king this is the same as sewering.  So, let’s explore.

A key thing required for sustainability is:


define sewer:

An underground (subconscious)
for carrying off (disintegrating into the midst///converting into useable energy)
drainage (action or process mode…into alchemy mode we go)
water (symbols of water ultra obvious–purification etc)
and waste matter (crap one doesn’t want or need).

Did i send you thru a sewer slimy waterfall chute that we both jumped into together after you pointed and said look how beautiful?
(‘in that murky green reflection did they warn you of dissection?’)

As a verb what does this mean?
vote for what is now #2 sewered definition
in which case yeah we’re both in the dark well of a sewer for sure
sometimes i can’t find my shoes and sometimes i don’t know why i need them
do you think i have more light on my end of the channel? share some of yours i’ll share mine? tho with you there is always static on the end…
i have moonlight these days you in the sun even tho i know my sun hits your love at the soul level yours mine too

Am i a sewerer (seweress?) — spell check corrects it as ‘severer’
austere sometimes i am and sever relations i did…

Or, do you mean that i am a sewer like you are too
the conduit or perhaps i sewed pieces together the pieces that we tore apart?
When you held me eyes closed in dreams did we venture out on your magic carpet and did i want off the date and the only way to do that was to crash cuz you wouldn’t let me go until the end hit hoodie pulled you did that and carried me into the forest what did i do other than want to run?

In our dramatic underground purification process some of my helmeted armour broke, what about yours, is that what you’re referring to?

Either any which way with the what we could keep going metaphoricalizing thru words…is what you really still mean:


icicleland mystery
crystallized in what must have been another plane
layers frozen into what was now
by some cosmic blip in frequency

nothing else to say
so let’s be silent no contact touch you wanted weak kneed lie
unless you want to play with words
love me
within between beyond the lattice walls.

(If your question refers to how to get out of the sewer, which if anything you climbed or dropped pulled me along into as much as i sewered you whatever that means
if what you want from me is the public record on paper of this story as society looks at it burned removed then months is not enough…
yes i believe we are moving forwards towards a new system flake that i am you are too i know it
i’m one piece of the whole you the other along with reality around so yeah if i can affect US customs laws then i will ok but you know that there is paradise right where you are travelling and all this is becoming passé and if i could give you my passport it is no longer my most prized possession i would…put on a dress we’re almost the same person maybe it’d work and do you really want to work with kids that are more inside outside of your world in their own than even me?

tell me the truth: did i really ruin your life? and if so will more words unruin it?)


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