basked in mercury vapour they

listen share intently
power words
future and big picture
knowledge of people herds

icebreakers on par with
expertise projections
they know work is human
all about connections

sign onto a vision
that’s bigger than themselves
learned have roles in stages
they’re structures windows shelves

humble hidden fuel they
think action strengthen sort
the public’s crucial veins
report plan serve support

i’m saying this with love
call them pencil pushers
sexy same as models
actors entrepreneurs

paper is required
to keep slime low to nil
pushing to perfect change
they keep can bc chill

In a world I used to roam...I visited a keen group of people who serve us in boxes big and small (I even met one who works in a storage windows full of paper...until July. That's July of 2012. He likes his job. And he's good at it. Oh bureaucrats, I love you.


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