she is loved

ninja (a character stuck in a sticky story

layered like the gooey raspberry centre of an epic chocolate cake that doesn’t really exist tho it might

in the middle of make-believe dreamy reality that you think is a dream unless you flip the coin and it’s reality

and deep dark lusciousness is one of the richest places to be)

needs love. tho she has it. she’s hiding. why…

her spirit’s like a pretty watercolour poignantly painted

then shred in a beyond garden variety whirlwind

(which you might have a sense of if you’ve ever fallen into a rabbithole…)

sediments deposited at long last in calm waters

scattered pieces on the floor grounds pavement trails beach

(pretty much only one degree away from you most of the time

sometimes a fraction and sometimes you are right there in front of her)

many pieces gone lost disintegrated into another form

a few float down like autumn leaves then kicked thru a sunny stroll

some saved she’s oil plastered on the walls of a haven gently falling apart

magical people walk brush dance alongside her


as with pretty rocks or seashells on the shore they might pause

collect a coloured paint stroke examine remark laugh text smile

knowingly or not they deposit currency into her pocket

(the one that holds magic)

to them she bows

thank – you.


One response to “she is loved

  1. superb! keep writing

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