freed rebel princess in training

We met her at the harem
twenty dollar rescue sum
cradled mirror unabashed
hidden stories fabrics cached.

Affixed to king charm s/he was
unyielding soul pierced thru cuz
con bees honey candle wand
their time space eyes went beyond.

This she told me feelings pure
bound power held no allure
(y)earned steppe saviour on a horse
that dream myth ideals endorse.

Spirit gusts they journeyed both
rasp-layered oaths upon oath
her own dreams enmeshed unwhirled
spun our own old whorl real world.

Love attached so could not fly
found the king who showed the sky
round her puzzle knotted tie
snap broke free and s/he was i.

Pls reveal dream machine
divine goddess need more queen
new moon glasses fly a kite
contact dance yes you white knight.


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