For a zoo to evolve it takes more than a lifetime, even more than an intense heart flutter

There once was a bear who met a lion
and a rooster who met a rabbit.

The bear was also a rabbit,
The lion also a rooster.

People labelled the bear ‘he’
the lion was actually a lioness.

There was love in the kingdom
but some animals clashed.

The rooster pecked at the bear,
so the bear smacked it down.
The rabbit corned the rooster,
so the lioness roared and clawed
at which point the bear growled
the rooster ran away
and in protecting her ground
the lioness tread on the rabbit.

Some creatures in the land sided with the bear
some with the lioness
tho they didn’t know the gender of the rooster and rabbit
and whether it’s relevant is a different subject
so out of confusion they just punished the bigger
tho some were wise enough to know that
there are no sides
(and it’s those we need more of).

Despite the ravings of the savage city*
their magical zoo love created a moon creature
whose life is that utter mystery
that mystics speak of
and all creatures know something of
tho for the lioness, until the bear,
it had always been an ungraspable
vague notional sentiment
oh so desired but path unknown to her
the beauty mixed with fear in its knowing
and summiting at the deep full moon 24 days after
when the cosmic connected the visceral
and a fluttering heart incited panic.

Minds say: this zoo is out of control!
chains fences carrots wands crystals rods
lines to divide label categorize.
Hearts say: harmonize!
but oh how oh how
huge gap in wisdom
even those unsided say pause!
and that’s for this lifetime.

The deep spirit within and beyond
says this is too tremendously huge
this encapsulated cosmic mission is not for this zoo
have the courage to see that the learning here
the point of this all
relates to pride, reality, time, humility
and things that can’t even be described in words
or maybe can’t even be known right now or ever
but not, so sadly, so heavily, so harshly,
not to another fluttering heart.

*’the ravings of the savage city’ is a combo of lines I borrowed from Naruda


2 responses to “For a zoo to evolve it takes more than a lifetime, even more than an intense heart flutter

  1. The zoo is a great metaphor for the political landscape that we work in. Siloed ministries like cages both trap us and protect us. Solutions for removing the cages lead to a wild outcome that is difficult to regulate but should be the most natural for us all. To quote Keith Richards, “open the cage let the animal out”.

  2. hmmm wild outcome…maybe you’re right, Matthew, that is the way to go…

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